Interface Elements

Ajax Call Loading Spinner jQuery Plugin Ver. 1.0


This jQuery plugin will display a "loading" spinner in the middle of the screen every time it detects an AJAX call, blocking user interaction until the call finishes, it will automatically fade away once this happens. It's cross browser compatible (tested on Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE, but should also work in Opera), works on mobile browsers as well.
It's licensed under GPL 3.0. For any comments or contributions please contact me at igran [at] betagrafico [dot] com.



Development (5KB): jquery.loading.js
Minified (3KB for production): jquery.loading.min.js
Please do not hotlink to this files.


Download one of the JS files and copy it to a web accessible location on your server, then just add this line to the header section of your page:

<script src="/js/jquery.loading.min.js"></script>

No configuration and no styling required. This is a jQuery plugin, so make sure you load jQuery before you call the script.
Don't forget to change the path to the correct location where jquery.loading.min.js or jquery.loading.js resides on your server.


Visual character patterns from a book or text


Some time ago i was curious about finding certain patterns in the text of books, so i wrote this code that creates an image converting every character in a text to a pixel with a color. Same colors for same characters. The colors are chosen randomly every time the image is generated.

The default converted text represented in the image at the right, comes from the Voynich manuscript, in which i used a transcription of the book by W. Friedman, P. Currier, Jim Gillogly, Jim Reeds, Don Latham, Mike Roe, John H. Tiltman, Karl Kluge, and edited by J. Stolfi made between 1948 to 1998.

This image is generated dynamically every time the page loads, so every pixel represents a character of the book. As different color pallettes are created, different character patterns are made evident.

Here's the blog post that makes reference to this particular piece of code.

Paste a text here and see its patterns